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We do not require that visitors reveal any personally identifying information in order to access our website. However, visitors who do not wish to, or are not allowed by law to share personally identifying information, may not be able to access certain areas or participate in certain activities (like making a purchase or entering a promotion) which require registration.

Although information may be required to purchase products from our website, visitors provide information on a voluntary basis only. Generally, we may ask to collect personal information about you to provide the following services:

Making purchases from our online store.

Tracking of specific orders that have been placed.

Responses to questions or comments sent through our website.

Collection of personal information for these services may include the collection of your name, address, telephone number, email address, and/or credit card number. Power JDM will NOT, in any way, shape, or form, disclose your information outside of the activities you participate here within.

Sarah's Story - The automotive community is a great way to bring together people from all ages, cultures, and backgrounds…”

I’m a United States Air Force Veteran, with an extensive background in Aerospace Mechanics and a BA in Transportation & Logistics Management. Growing up, I was immersed in automotive culture from both sides of my family, which significantly impacted my knowledge on the industry. I’m a firm believer that learning is a lifelong process, I feel continuing our educating, while sharing that knowledge with others is the most important thing we can do in life.

Choosing to pursue an entrepreneurial career path as a YouTube Content creator is a risk most people wouldn’t imagine taking, yet for some reason, it was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made. My goal in all of this is to continue to take on new challenges while inspiring others to pursue their own passions. The automotive community is a great way to bring together people from all ages, cultures, and backgrounds with one shared common passion, a love for automobiles.